How to play poker tournament and win big money using the right strategy

>How to play poker tournament

How to play poker tournament was the main concern of many casino players. Recently, the popularity of poker has greatly increased and poker tournaments attract a huge number of players from all over the world. The tournaments have earned such popularity for themselves by the fact that by coming to a tournament with a rather insignificant amount of money, everyone could win hundreds and thousands of dollars. The poker strategy of a tournament game is fundamentally different from a cash game. The main difference from cash game is that in a tournament you constantly have to “survive” due to increasing blinds. Unfortunately, there are no special tactics in how to play tournament poker that are guaranteed to be profitable, but learning tournament strategy and working on the game will help you to achieve the best results.

The rules to play 3 card poker tournament for real money

3 card poker is a variation of casino poker where the player competes with the house. Its tournaments became really popular over the last time as they are very simple and offer huge rewards. They usually consist of one or more rounds where every player begins with a certain amount of money. Every round has a certain number of hands and after it finished, the floor person counts how many chips each player collected. The final score is determined by calculating their individual round totals. The six players who got the highest scores go to the final round, and there each of them has a chance to get a desirable reward. So, if you want to be that lucky one, you need to follow the certain tips and rules of poker tournament play:

  1. Place on any Queen, Six, Four, or higher. In other cases – just fold;
  2. Make equal bets on the Ante and Pair Plus;
  3. Place law bets to be able to survive the whole round;
  4. Do not buy bonus rounds as it doubles your entry fee;
  5. Place your bets consistently.

Keeping in mind those important rules will help you to make smart decisions during the tournament, and get to the final round, where you will definitely win some money. Just remember about your emotional state, it’s important to stay calm and focused during the game to keep your mind clear.

The ways to play and win in video poker tournaments

Video poker is a virtual analog of live poker, the task is also to collect a poker combination from the 5 cards received during the deal. Video poker tournaments are also very popular and bring a lot of fun and excitement to their players. The main feature of video poker tournaments is that almost all of them are limited in time. That is why all the participants should play as faster as possible to complete more hands and have the chance to get royal. Also, would be very useful for you to use these simple tricks to win in video poker tournaments:

  • Try to find a tournament with a small number of participants;
  • Play fast to complete more hands as the time is limited;
  • Go for the royal flush at all costs, it should be your target as the payout for it is huge;
  • Learn everything about the game and the tournament;
  • Use video poker trainers to practice and master your skills.

Poker tournaments usually take a lot of efforts and skills, but the patience of the most persistent and hardworking players will surely be rewarded with big prizes and great pleasure from a sharp and unforgettable game.

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